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Rowan's Law & The Rugby Ontario Blue Card

The Cavaliers commitment to the Blue Card

The Caledon Cavaliers take safety seriously.  Our coaching staff, medical staff, officials, administrators, player and parents all commit to abide by Rowan's Law and the Rugby Ontario Blue Card process.

During a Match:

Any players suspected of a concussion will be issued a blue card and are to leave the field immediately.  Rugby Ontario Concussion Protocols are then in place for safe return to play.

For more information on the full process, please click here.

During a Practice:

If a player is suspected to have received a concussion during practice they will be removed from the practice field and will sit out for the remainder of the session.  Only after they have been cleared by a medical professional can they return to play.

Outside of Rugby:

Any player who is suffering from symptoms of a concussion regardless of where it was obtained is required to sit out of practices and games until cleared by a medical professional.

Safety First Cavaliers.  Look out for each other. 

What is Rowan's Law?

Requirements of Rowan’s Law Legislation

Certain aspects of the Rowan’s Law legislation came into effect on July 1, 2019. Rowan’s Law is applicable to 65 sports in Ontario as well as educational institutions. In summary;

  1. From July 1 2019, all sports must have in place Concussion Code of Conducts for players/parents and coaches/trainers.

  2. From July 1 2019, all players, coaches, match officials, trainers at the point of registration must review and sign off on the Ontario Ministry’s Concussion Awareness Resources and the Rugby Ontario Concussion Code of Conduct. If the player is under 18 years of age then their parent/guardian must sign off. This needs to be done annually.

  3. Between July 1 and August 30 2019, all currently registered coaches and trainers must review and sign off on both the Ministry’s Concussion awareness resources and Rugby Ontario Concussion Code of Conduct.

  4. Between July 1 and August 30 2019, all currently registered match officials must review and sign off on the Ministry’s Concussion awareness resources.

  5. Point 5 – From January 1, 2022, Phase 2 of Rowan’s Law mandates all sports must have in place Concussion Removal and Return to Sport protocols.

Read the full legislation here

Who is Rowan?

Rowan was 17 years old and in Grade 12 (Senior) when she passed away following a concussion received during a rugby match for her high school team. A Coroners Inquest into her death held in May of 2015 concluded that she died from Second Impact Syndrome and had likely suffered two previous concussions in two games during the five days preceding the match where she suffered the fatal injury.
Rowan was captain of her high school team and also played for the Barrhaven Scottish RFC. She played ringette, soccer, flag football, lacrosse and was also a keen snowboarder. She had been accepted into Ottawa University to study to become a Registered Nurse.
Her death and the results of the Inquest spurred her family to campaign for "Rowan's Law" in Ontario. The law, the first of it's kind in Canada, came in to force on September 9, 2016.

                   - Gordon Stringer (Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada)

Rowan Stringer
Barrhaven Scottish RFC
John McCrae SS RFC
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