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Rugby Ontario is committed to providing all participants with a safe and welcoming environment in which to participate in the sport of rugby. Rugby Ontario has developed the Guide to Protecting Children Playing Rugby in Ontario. This document complements Rugby Ontario’s current policies and procedures, the Ontario Provincial Government under the Child and Family Services Act.

In response to the above provincial and union policies, the Caledon Cavaliers RFC has appointed Iain McRuvie as our Child Protection Officers (CPO), to ensure compliance and safety for all our members. Iain will be actively working with each program as well as monitoring our club compliance throughout the rugby season. Should you have any questions or concerns for Iain, he can be reached at

Club Health and Wellness/Chief Medical officer:

Dr. Karen Chrobak can also be reached at the following email address should you have any questions or concerns.



In compliance with Rugby Canada’s Play Smart Program, the Caledon Cavaliers RFC understands the importance of not only training hard on the practice fields but also the importance of properly educating yourself in the sport of rugby. The information provided below is open to all players, members, and volunteers to help cross-educate on the safety of Rugby across Canada.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all players are protected and ensure the game is played safely.

As of February 1, 2016, Rugby Canada implemented the PlaySmart Program, which recommends that everyone involved at all levels of the game complete the following:


Note: Coaches & Match Officials must complete these modules annually.

There are several useful resources below that we are encouraging all players, members, and volunteers to review:


Guide to Protecting Children Playing Rugby in Ontario

Rugby Ontario Operations Manual 2021

Rugby Ontario Concussion Management & Return To Play Policy

Inclusion Policy

Parent, Guardians & Spectators

Trans Inclusion Policy

Harassment Policy

Rugby Ontario Registrants’ Code Of Conduct

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